Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Little Paradise

We're back! We had an awsome time, and Garrett was such a good boy. He loved having both his Grandmas, his Nana, and his Aunt Steph to fuss over him. Gave mommy and daddy a chance for some much needed Rand R. It is just crazy how much stuff there is to do on such a small island--this is the 3rd time Brad and I have gone, and its not like we went to do the same thing twice any time. I have so many pictures, Idon't know how we will ever share them all. Working on a photo/video thing for Youtube of Garrett at the beach. Anyhoo, it was a bummer to come home, and Brad and I were having a hard time driving on the right side of the road after thinking "LEFT" the whole time we were in St. John!
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