Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy weekend!

These pics are from 1/22. I think it was the first day he decided it would be fun to climb under the chair. It was quiet entertaining when he tried to stand up under it. That didn't work out to well. Anyway, I uploaded two new videos to YouTube, to get to them just click the link to the left that says "Utter Chaos on YouTube". I think you can subscribe to my webchannel, which basically means they will email you when new stuff is uploaded. But then, I know most of you check this thing pretty religiously anyway!

Brad and I spent the majority of the day working on our landscaping. My boss was kind enough to offer us some plants from his beautiful tropical yard. We pulled up the rest of the original landscaping in the front, put in new topsoil and planted a bunch of stuff, and added rock. Need more rock. Dr. Brand also gave us some palms for the back yard, tiny little guys but they will be big soon enough. On top of that, we also both had various duties to do for our property owner's association. That is always keeping us busy these days. And of course there is little Mr. I-don't-need-to-take-a-nap. The sleep stuff is going well--tonight was pretty easy, he only fussed for a little while. He was up at 11, and was so tired he kept standing up, then falling and folding in half. He is so sleep deprived lately, but doesn't want to miss anything. And he sure does love his puppies. When we were working in the yard today, I put his pack'n'play in the x-pen, he just sat there and talked to them. Sooo glad they get along.

Well, in about 12 hours, my little man will be 8 months old. Where does the time go?? My friend's son turns a year old on the 28th. Unbeliveable. Well, off to bed I go. Hopefully Garrett will sleep most of the night. (Yeah, right!)

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