Thursday, January 18, 2007

Leinster Bay Plantation

Yet another awsome spot on the island is Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay. This is another spot you can only get to by foot--its a .8 mile walk along the shoreline from the Annaberg plantation ruins. Just inland from the walking trail, there are some extensive, but overgrown, ruins of the Leinster Bay Plantation. Brad joked that we needed a machete to explore these ruins, it was incredibly overgrown. The section for this plantation in the book said "Go back into the bush" to find the ruins. Again, we had to abandon the hiking backpack, and AGAIN I forgot my sling!! At any rate, these were some awsome ruins. The first image is of the water tower, the second is Brad and Garrett infront of one of the plantation's 3 wells. There was so much more of this plantation to see, but it was too overgrown. Next time we will go armed with pants and longsleeve shirts (and maybe a machete!!)

A little further up the trail (or rather a new trail), we came across the ruins of an old guardhouse, which boasted a spectacular view of the waterway between USVI and BVI.

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