Friday, January 26, 2007

Reallly Rotten Baby!

No pics, sorry Grandmas. But I do have to share my adventures in sleep training. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry :-D Anyway, I started putting Garrett to bed earlier today--I figured it took him an hour and a half, all in all, to get to sleep--we started at 6:30, he was asleep by 8 last night. My thinking was if I tried to put him down a little earlier, he would actually FALL ASLEEP when he needed to. Silly me. He just went to bed and its 9, we started at 6!! Before you think "Poor baby cried for 3 hours," read the rest of this. Last night he fussed for about an hour, then played for 30 minutes. Wellll, tonight, he played for 15, fussed for 30, played for another 15, took the shortest cat nap humanly imaginable. Then he stood up in his crib, fussed a little more, and proceeded to carry on an hour long conversation with Aspen and Haylee, who were laying by me feet. When Aspen would stand up to get some pets, Garrett would reach out to pet him. No joke. He would occassionally fall over from standing, and the poor tyke was so tired he would fall flat on his face and fall asleep for about 10 seconds, then immediately stand up and chat with the pups some more. I finally pried his little hands off the top of his crib, laid him down and rubbed his back for 30 seconds and he was out. At least he didn't cry much tonight. Clearly puppies are not helpful in getting your baby to sleep!! It was so funny, I couldn't keep from laughing . . . .

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