Friday, August 27, 2010

Creativity and Kindness

Sometimes its difficult to figure out if you are doing the right things with your kids. As a parent, you always second guess yourself. Garrett did 2 things today that made me very proud of him, and made me feel that given all the craziness in life, we're on the right track. Apparently Fridays are show and tell days, which no one (read = Garrett) bothered to tell me until we were HALF WAY TO SCHOOL! So he had nothing to show and tell, and there was NO WAY I was going home to get something and bringing it to him. Garrett was upset, at first. Then he found a rock in the parking lot and said "Oh, look mom! I can take this rock and tell about my rock collection". Problem solved, score one in the creativity column.

It just so happened that it was one of his teacher's birthdays tomorrow, so we had made a fruit basket to take her (she's on a weight loss journey, so I had lots of good ideas!!). When I picked Garrett up from school, I asked him where the rock was. He told me he had given it to his teacher as "another birthday present". Gotta love that. I worry about giving the kids too much and making them material . . . so that was a great thing.

Here's our week in pictures-its been a busy one!!

Garrett and Xander on the 2nd day of school (first day in their shirts!)

Summer being goofy!

Painting the bird feeder we made
Bubble fun with ava

Summer's monster face :-)And the cute non-monster face!
Driving in the produce box :-) More of that creativity, love it!!

I really hope to give the blog a makeover soon-its been neglected for too long!

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Leanne said...

love it! How much fun!!!