Monday, August 23, 2010

Garrett's first day of VPK

Today was Garrett's first day of Pre-K. I've heard all these mommies say how they were going to cry, and how they hope their kids do well. I KNEW Garrett would be fine and love it. And I hardly wanted to cry, I've been looking forward to this for a while. The only thing that DID make me want to cry is that my neighbor offered to take him for his first day, and I made the mistake of asking him what he wanted to do. OF COURSE he picked riding with his buddy Xander. Although when he saw that this made me sad, he said "But you can pick me up, AND take me on my second day!" So this morning I took him over to their house, loaded him in, and sent him on his way.

He seemed to enjoy it, the teacher had a lot of wonderful things to say about him when I picked him up. He wasn't thrilled when I picked him up, but that was because A. He was starving (the kid is up at 6:30 and eats right away--we usually have lunch around 10:30-11.) and B. a boy named Chase had apparently been calling him by the wrong name and this offended him. He's so temperamental about certain things!

I managed to get him to talk about his day, after a little prodding. He said that during circle time, they introduced themselves and said the things they like about school. Garrett said he told them about Butterfly Co-op,how it was his old school and some of his friends went to his new school. He said that he played with trains and a kitchen and painted a picture.

The only thing that makes me wary is that he was VERY fried when he got home-he was tired and hasn't really been able to focus on anything. I'm hoping that's just because he was so hungry-planning on having him eat again at 8 from now on and/or snack in the car. The teacher offered to allow me to bring a snack for him, but I'd rather he get used to this. We'll have to see how it goes!

Walking down to the Shumans house.

Best buds!
The boys have the same shoes, it was too cute not to require a picture of its own.


The Fambros said...

Yay for first day of school! I'm sure this new schedule will take some adjusting to but hey, maybe he will sleep a little longer now! Or nap. <3 ya

Leanne said...

I love it!!! He looks so adorable!