Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Athletic!

We've had a busy few days, especially for Garrett. He had his first T-ball practice on Thursday and LOVED it. It was pretty hilarious watching him and the other 4 year olds try to figure out something new. This evening he went to run his 2nd "running race"--its always a joy to see how excited he gets about these!! :-)
This is what I get when I say "Garrett, show me your glove" :-)
Daddy is helping out . . .
Afterward, Garrett said his favorite part was "Hitting the ball as many times as I wanted to!"
With Plato the Publixsaurus before the kiddie dash at the Carnival Miami 5K/8K

Garrett and his buddy Corbin--note that G is snarfing a sandwich (he had just eaten dinner, of course!)The boys post race. They were so proud of themselves!

Goodbye hugs--Garrett was so happy to have Corbin there, he told me on they way home "I couldn't have done it without Corbin mom--he's my friend! We wrestle, because we are friends and that is what friends do." Boys!!!!! :-)

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Steph said...

Cute tball pictures! Cooper has his first tball practice this week.