Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Classics By The Bay/Hanging with Nana and Pawpaw

Brad's Grandparents came for a visit this week. We went to the "Classics By the Bay" car show on Sunday--the boys had a blast looking at the old cars :-) We also got tickets to take Garrett to the Grand Am race in a few weeks--he's so excited!!

Posing the the Grand Am Car

One of Garrett's creations he built with his Bright Builders :-)

I got my much anticipated new carrier--a BabyHawk Oh Snap. LOVE IT!! Its from the same company that made the MaiTei I used for so long with both kids. The straps were too long on it though, and tying it wasn't working out with Summers wiggly nature and trying to keep track of Garrett when out on my own. This carrier is FAB--all buckles, no tying, and I still can have that nice babyhawk design. So far Summer seems to love it :-) Added bonus, it matches my diaper bag, I LOVE carinval bloom :-)We were sad to say goodbye to Nana and Pawpaw today, we had a great visit. :-)

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Nice snap!:)