Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January in Review

January 2010 seemed like THE longest month on the face of the planet--I think part of it was going through "Grandparent Detox", as a friend aptly dubbed it. We had a snafu at work, and were busy with the usual suspects, and then some:

Garrett with his good friend Aiden @ Aiden's 4th Birthday Party

Circus with the Butterfly Co-Op:
Jakob, Garrett and Hazel (oh, the facial expressions!)

Summer was ENTHRALLED by it, I was so proud of how well she did!
Jonah, Liam (Another one of Garrett's good buddies), and Garrett enjoying the show.

Waiting for the people to be shot out of the canon--Garrett had been talking about this for WEEKS!Canons :-)

We met a long-lost-friend at the zoo for a playdate and had a blast. (Thanks to Leanne for the fab pictures, because I didn't have the energy to lug my camera!!)
Garrett and Ava (and a BIG bug!)

Summie likes to multi-task--eating AND walking :-)

Okay, note the pink crocs on Summer's feet as they watch the singing dogs in Australia!
Note the pink croc, torn to bits by the singing dogs. Summer lost it into the habitat!!

Is Leanne good or what?? :-)Garrett is getting the hang of swinging his legs like a "big boy"
What better way to end the day then to play in the splash park?? Ava and G having a good time. Summer wanted NOTHING to do with it!
We celebrated our good friend Hazel's 3rd birthday party in style at a Sleeping "Dooty" Party: (Thanks to Jamie for these pics--I've seriously slacked!)

Garrett and the birthday princess
Garrett got his face painted
And we even managed to get together to have a few playdates with our playgroup friends!! (Thanks Monica for this one!)--All aboard the Zoo Train!

My mom and Grandpa came down for a few days at the end of the month. Brad and I went out on a major date (rock climbing followed by the Melting Pot--YUM!), which was fantastic. We took a little field trip to the Everglades . . .
Now for my obligitory Everglades nature pics. Just can't go without doing it . . .
Cormorant. Check out the eyes!
So close, we could touch them!
Wood stork hunting for food. They are tactolocators--find their food through touch. Cool thing to see, hadn't seen them do this before.
I spy with my little eye baby anhingas in a nest!

4 Generations

All in all, January was complete and utter chaos. But then, what else is new.


Steph said...

Happy January! Great pictures, I can't believe how grown up Summer is these days!

Leanne said...

January was quite a busy month! Love all the pics:)