Friday, March 05, 2010

Week in review

We've had another busy week around here . . .

On Monday we went to the zoo with friends and had T-ball practice.

Tuesday was buying club day. We hung out at Miss Allison's for an awesome Dr. Seuss birthday party (including twister, planting, and of course cute little Dr. Seuss themed food--Miss Allison is the bestest). Garrett also get a cool new airplane for improving his sleep behaviors. Daddy liked playing with it too.

Wednesday was school, Thursday the kids were feeling under the weather. We went and visited a few schools, though, and that developed on Friday with me picking one and signing Garrett up. I really hope this preschool program works out well for him--only time will tell! We spent Friday afternoon chilling at the track watching the Koni and GrandAm cars catch some practice laps for tomorrow's races.

Still oh so in love with my Oh Snap carrier from Babyhawk. Summer loves it. She just chills back there whenever we go somewhere :-)

They had a fabulous display where Garrett got to check out all of the safety gear. The girl at the display was awesome, she helped Garrett check EVERYTHING out!

Picnic between laps!

What can I say, the kid loves racing!

Happy weekend!!!


Leanne said...

Very exciting week!

Steph said...

Busy busy!!

MonkeyTailes said...

I can't believe how big Garrett is getting! Good luck with school. Chris and I had to do that not too long ago for Saiya. I think we are still making up our minds about several. Its a tough decision! Good luck!