Friday, February 19, 2010

Just another week

Its been a typical busy week around here--after our fire station visit on Monday morning,
Brad got off early on Monday and we headed out to Biscayne National Park. As we left he asked "What, is Summer walking?" because I didn't bring the stroller. Why, yes, honey, she is :-) She walked pretty much the whole way, busy little girl!

We've spent the second half of the week recuperating from the first half, as we always do. Its been chilly here, so we've been inside most of the time. I'm endlessly thankful for the entire room of educational stuff that keeps Garrett occupied. He spent most of today doing "Its A Match"--he's working on the Level II and III books now, which are 4+. We're spending a lot of time at home working on letter recognition, because 2 days a week of school isn't really helping him with that part. He's loving learning, I really hope I can find him a place to go to school next year that will continue to foster that!

Summer is a total art nut. She loves to color. But, being not yet 1.5, she still has to try and eat the marker!
And with that, we welcome the weekend!!

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