Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sea World x2

Brad's family met us in Orlando on Thursday night and had rented this wonderful house in Davenport, complete with private (and HEATED--woohoo) swimming pool. It was soooo fabulous. More on the fun stuff we did at the house in the next post. We spent both Friday and Saturday enjoying Sea World. This is Garrett's third or fourth trip there, and every time we go he gets something different out of it. He really enjoyed the shows this trip, especially the "Pirates" and the whale and dolphin show. He still says the giraffes are his favorite animal though, lol.
Summer and I on Friday morning.
Gotta love the Babyhawk, made the day sooo enjoyable.

Daddy and Garrett feeding/petting the stingrays

Feeding the dolphins on Friday
Aunt Stephie, Grandpa, Grandma, Garrett, and two hungry dolphins.

We all love the Clydesdales.
I honostly don't know who enjoyed this more--Garrett, Brad or I. We got to pet him after.
(PS--thanks to Jess for letting me borrow her sling, it fits SO much better than my other one!)
Summer was not feeling family pictures at one of the photo spots . . .

Three generations of Compton boys . . .
Seriously, they all three look a lot alike. Trouble, every one of them!!!

The whole family . . . again, Summer wasn't loving it.
Summer did, however, love looking at the foliage with Grandma

Garrett chowing down on cheetos before the "Believe" show
(He was "reading" the bag)

Garrett kept saying "Shamu is an Orca!"
How many almost-3-year-olds say Orca on a regular basis?? :-)Seriously . . . wow.

I have plenty more pictures to share . . . we still have another day of fun ahead, and I need to finsh packing for our trip home as well!

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Leanne said...

glad you guys had a great time with your family!