Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Koni Challenge Weekend

This past weekend we spent a lot of time at the speedway. The track was having a fan appreciation weekend that included the Koni/Grand Am challenge. EVERYTHING was free to the fans, and allowed us to get up close and personal. We were able to walk around the garages, talk to the drivers, see the cars, etc. Garrett even got to sit on top of one of the crew stations (right behind the pit) and sit right in one of the cars. These people were so great with all of the kids! Garrett had a blast, and so did I quite frankly. I think I'm becoming addicted to racing, thanks to my son. Summer slept through it all, like always. I told Garrett he is awful lucky to have a little sister who lets him do all this fun stuff!!

Garrett was trying to open the door on one of the display cars:

"I just love those Indy Cars! They go FAST!"

Some of the Koni cars

We went to talk to this driver and the next thing I know, Garrett is sitting in the car. How cool is that?? Mr. Ackley, I will be a fan for life no matter how far you go :-)

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Leanne said...

How cool is that to sit in the car next to the race driver! I bet he was in heaven:)