Sunday, March 29, 2009

Orlando Trip--Visit with the Collins Family

On Thursday, Garrett, Summer and I got to visit with my fellow Work-at-Home mommy friend April in the Orlando area while Brad did some work for his company. April and I met who-know-how-long-ago on the Babycenter May 2006 boards, and have met in person a few times before this. Her younger daughter Alana is the same age as Garrett. Last year you may remember THIS post, featuring a picture of Lolly and Garrett smootching on his couch, lol. THIS year, Alana told her Mommy that she was going to marry Garrett in a church, lol. These two are going to be trouble!! :-) We had such a nice visit--no one really understands how hard it is to juggle the whole working-from-home thing unless they've done it, and its nice to hear you aren't alone. Not to mention the kids had such a fun time.

A note on the first picture. Garrett and Lolly were watching Wally, and Lolly decided to sit on Garrett. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. In between saying "cheese" Garrett kept telling Lolly "Its time to get off now!!" He then came out and told April "Hers was riding me like a horse!" Oh dear :-) Thanks April for putting up with us for the day--we loved visiting, as always!!
Garrett and Lolly cruising in the Barbie Jeep

Summer and April . . .
Since we left at 5am, I did not bother to either change Summer out of her PJs or do her hair!

Lolly holding Summer's hand :-)

Miss Summer was worn out. Seriously, this child travels so well its borderline ridiculous!
(But then again, it helps compensate for Garrett!)

Seesaw, seesaw, everybody seesaw!

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