Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretty girl is getting busy!

Summer is really getting moving these days. She has started trying to roll over when you change her diaper, something her brother always tried to do. She is grasping EVERYTHING and shoving it towards her mouth. This morning she pulled her Jangles off her swing (one of her favorite toys to play with while I work) and cuddled him. She keeps trying to pull herself in to a sitting position when we put her down. She's getting so big already! Her 4 month birthday is right around the corner.

I have no new pictures of Garrett because he NEVER sits still. That boy is always going, and always talking. He is speaking so clearly now. He'll tell Brad "Don't forget your lunch! I love you I miss you. Have good day at work." He is always asking "What time is it?" He knows 6-o-clock is bedtime, and that Daddy comes home at 5. He continues to love his sister to pieces. He'll fetch any toy she drops and loves to give her kisses. He has started helping out around the house--he'll pick up his toys, put his clothes in the hamper, or put up all of our shoes in the wash room, and will earn a penny for his money puppy. His absolute favorite thing to do is play outside. "I want to go play with my friends!" he'll say. Sometimes he is very disappointed in the middle of the day when they are all at school.

Other than that, we're busy as ever. I started Boot Camp at the Y, so I'm doing that 3x a week. Its nice to get out and get my butt whipped in to shape while Brad stays with the kids. :-)

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Leanne said...

great! Im working out with Jon five to 6 times a week. It feels great but sucks when your doing it;) I can't wait to see summer again....we really have to plan a weekend and do something together as families! The next two im booked but ill call after that!