Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Months

Pretty girl turned four months old on Sunday. I honestly can not believe she has only been with us for 4 months, it seems like much longer. Her favorite things in life are her feet and her Jangles toy. She also loves to watch her brother do whatever. She continues to be a really good-natured baby. There is some crankiness going on right now, but it seems to be due to her teeth or possibly just being overtired (Garrett wakes her up a lot!) She has a beautiful smile that she shares with anyone who DOESN'T have a camera, but is somewhat reserved out of her comfort zone (which Garrett never was, even at this age).

She STILL hates the car, although if we plan our trips during a nap time she will sleep. I think she finds the car to be terribly boring--she loves to interact with people and to play with toys. She also already really enjoys books. Garrett wasn't crazy about them until much, much later, but Summer will look at the pictures and touch the pages. She loves it when she reads with Garrett, and is starting to get 1-2 books of her own prior to her bedtime. She loves to be worn any time we are out, although she has really taken a shine to the jogging stroller. She also continues to love the water--bath time is one of her favorite events, and she has enjoyed her first boat ride and her first swim in the pool in the past month.

Aspen is really starting to adore her, he seemed indifferent for several months, but will now lay next to her at every opportunity and keep watch over her. Haylee continues to think she is kissable, but she has always seemed to like anyone who doesn't chase after her!

Garrett continues to love her to pieces, and to be a wild man. He loves anything and everything that has wheels, especially if it is a character from Cars. He continues to enjoy running around partially clothed too. If you've noticed there aren't many pictures of him lately, its because I'm too lazy to lug my camera when we go out, and he is always naked when we are home! He says the funniest things, like "Poppycock" (Which he informed us he learned from an episode of Backyardagins). He's a sweet boy despite his rough and tough attitude--when his friends fall, he runs up and asks "Are you okay??" and gives them a hug.
He did this all by himself when I was taking a nap yesterday.
Notice all of the cars are from Cars
Leak Less, Daryl Cartrip, The King, and SnotRod.
As for Brad and I, we're pretty well adjusted for having a 4 month old in the house. I haven't felt better than I do in a long time, and am running 2.5 miles every Saturday now (I don't run much during the week because boot camp kicks my butt!). Brad's busy with work, and hoping to get more active in the Auxiliary this year. We're managing to find the balance in all of this craziness, and really, really enjoying watching the kids grow up. There are so many little pleasures, like lazy days, long walks, and just playing at the park with Garrett.


Anonymous said...

the boys got the same race track toy for xmas. they LOVE IT! glad things are well - i love the first picture of summer - jess

Leanne said...

Sounds like you got family life down to a tee! Both of the kids are beautiful and you guys have done and continue to do a great job raising them! Keep up the fantastic work!