Saturday, November 01, 2008

Checkups and Trick-Or-Treating

The last day of October proved to be a busy one. I took the kids to the Doctor, and we took Garrett trick or treating for the first time.

Summer weighs 10lbs, 12oz. She turned 6 weeks on Thursday. The little piggy has continued to gain an ounce a day! Keep in mind Garrett was only 9lbs, 7oz at the same age. Garrett is now 32lbs. He's gone from being way below the "normal" weight curve to the 75 percentile. Garrett got 2 shots . . . we're seperating out the MMR, so he got one of those and then his final meningitis shot. He did pretty well, he kept saying "I'm scared!" while we were waiting for the shots and then started saying "Ow" before he got it. He cried, but we got some M&Ms from the waiting room and that made it ALL better.

Trick-or-treat was a blast. I was debating even going, because Garrett didn't nap and had been a bit of a pill all afternoon, but he did great. He walked all the way around our block and loved knocking on doors. He wanted to CARRY all of his candy in his hand though, and wanted everyone to give him M&Ms. He's so silly. Summer was a pea in a pod, and slept the entire time in the sling. I didn't take a single picture, because it was too fun just watching Garrett having a great time. He wore his flippers ALL the way around the neighborhood, too!

Happy Halloween everyone. And now, another month is done. November here we come!

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Leanne said...

Thank you so much...she absolutely hated the costume! Im glad to hear the family is doing well...and remember there is nothing wrong with being a little piggy (or hippo;) Ill call you when we return from SC and we'll get together! Have a great weekend.