Thursday, November 06, 2008

Summer is already 7 weeks old . . .

I can't believe she's only been here for seven weeks. She's already so big and so active! She has outgrown all the 0-3 stuff, and most of the Carter's "3 month" stuff. She's cooing and smiling. This picture is the closest I have gotten so far in capturing the adorable smile.

Sorry I haven't posted much. Things have been crazy since Friday. Saturday was the boat show, and when we got home from that I swam laps for an hour. Sunday we spent the morning at home, catching up on things, and then Brad and I went out ALONE to dinner. It was sooo nice to be out of the house together. Thanks to Lisa, of course, who watched the kiddos for us.

I'm officially back to work, and that is keeping me busy. I usually work in the morning when it's just Garrett and I, a little in the afternoon, and then do the bulk in the evening when everyone (often including Brad) is asleep. We're trying to get a report out the door right now, so things are extra busy. On top of that and just dealing with the kids, I've been continuing to work out at least 30 minutes (and shooting for 40) every single day.

Monday we went to My Gym and then had lunch with Daddy at a park near his office. While we were waiting for Brad to come, to little twin 2 year old girls decided to check out a sleeping Summer in her car seat. Garrett immediately stopped what he was doing and said "That's MY baby summer!" and came running over to make sure they didn't bother his little sister. When asked his name at my gym, his initial answer was "Summer!!" :-) Even after seven weeks of sharing his house and his family with her, he is still genuinely likes her. If she isn't with us, he asks where she is. He asks to hold her and loves to give her toys and kisses. He also likes to rock her in the swing:

Tuesday we went to the zoo with the Crider clan and had a blast. Garrett loves hanging out with the kids--he acts like he's from a family of 5!! :-) Wednesday ended up being a work day, and we stayed home. Summer has also developed a very stuffy nose, so we stayed home again today.

Here's your photofix for the week!

And my crazy man . . . showing of "Puppy" stickers Grandma Becky sent him.


Steph said...

Summer is such a beautiful little girl! And G is such a cutie too.

Yay for you for a little alone time w/your hubby!

Leanne said...

I just love love love her! I think little girls are just porkers who grow much faster then the boys don;t you think? Anywho, glad to see all is well!

Lindsay said...

Congrats! I've given up BBC, so I didn't know about Summer. She's beautiful!