Thursday, November 13, 2008

This week, in the Compton Family

Things are getting way to busy here for me to post as often as I have been. Work is picking up, working out is taking up ANY free time I may have, and so on . . . its not a bad thing though. As long as I get an hour of cardio during the week, I'm a happy girl. If I don't get to work out, not so much--no me time=grumpy mommy!

The kids are great. Garrett is still a miserable sleeper, but we continue to work on it. Summer continues to be a great sleeper and such an easy baby. She is EIGHT WEEKS today, which I can't believe. Garrett loves her to pieces, he always asks where she is and wants to check on her when he can't see her. They take a bath together now--Garrett will say "Summer come too!" and as soon as she is out, he gets out. Its also helpful because it helps keep him calmer. He has learned if he plays too hard and splashes her, or is too loud, it makes her cry and he doesn't like that. He'll apologize and give her a kiss.

Other than that, we've been up to more of the same old stuff. Summer and I went to a baby shower on Saturday. She was so easy, I never could have done that when Garrett was an infant! We did a playdate on Tuesday and had our "Preschool" day on Wednesday. Garrett loved that, of course! We did a fall theme, and Ms. Allison always does such a great job. Garrett had a blast. We've spent a little bit of time visiting with the Criders and the Shumans. So that's what we've been up to--busy, but good!

This weekend, Brad is taking off Friday and we are going to Orlando to visit Sea World for a couple of days, and we are also going to visit Kennedy Space Center. Garrett is already excited about "Spaceships, Penguins, and SILLY Puffins!" We're so excited to get away.

G and Miss Allison
(Garrett loved the new mats she got for the kids to sit on!)

Fun with leaves. How cool is that??
Like her brother, Summer has many faces, and loves to stick her tounge out! :-)

My big boy!

Summer and I at the shower.

Not that you can tell from my big ole tummy, but I've already lost about 5 inches off my waist. I'm still sitting about 10lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Summer, but my weight has shifted alot. For fun comparision, here we are in mid July in KC, when Garrett was about Summer's age. He was sooooo little (and BALD!!)

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