Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When did my son become a scaredy-cat??

Still no new pictures--long story short, my laptop cord has a short in it and I have to rely on our crappy desktop. But I still haven't taken many pictures . . . we've just been busy doing things. We took the dogs to the park on Friday, cleaned out the garage all weekend (we can fit both cars in it now, woot!), and have attended 3 birthday parties since Saturday. We've gone to the pool with Xander, and spent time just playing.

I had my 29/30 week appointment with my midwife . . . all is well with the baby. S/he showed extream dislike for the doppler, just as Garrett did, by KICKING the midwife while she was trying to find the heartbeat. It was one of those ironic moments, because she asked if I had been feeling a lot of movement and my answer was Um, YES!! After the kick, she knew what I meant. We haven't done any new belly shots lately, hopefully we'll do that this weekend.

Garrett is Garrett. Rotten as ever, and just plain silly. Apparently, and this is total news to me, he has become a little wuss over-night!! Today he ran to me during a thunder storm and announced "Scared, that!" every time it thundered. And this evening when a car alarm was going off, he held on to my leg saying "Scary car, scary alarm" Um, yeah, 4th of July should be REALLY interesting with this new development. My child usually has no fear, except of our trash truck. In general, trash trucks are cool, but not the one that comes to our neighborhood and takes our trash. And now this. We were planning on taking him to see fireworks on the 4th, we may have to re-evaluate that one . . .

Anyhoo, that's life in a nutshell. Busy as ever!!

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