Monday, July 02, 2007

13 Months

Garrett turned 13 months this past week. Those monthly birthdays don't seem to be such a big deal now that he has hit his first birthday. He is just getting SO big. He is literally running everywhere. He got his first pair of big boy shoes. He will bring me a diaper to let me know he needs changing. He points to things he wants. He started saying uh-huh (thank goodness, he hasn't learned to say NO yet :-) ). He is mostly wearing 18 month clothes (but only because his cloth diapers add a bit of bulk!).

Sorry I haven't been posting many pictures, things have been crazy around here. Work and Discovery Toys have been keeping me super busy! I promise to take some new pictures this week.

For 4th of July, we are going to fireworks with a bunch of our friends. Should be lots of fun. We went last year with Garrett (at 2 months!) and he had a blast then. Hopefully he will have as much fun this year!

Garrett's bud Xander turned 1 on Saturday . . . it's just too hard to believe how big the boys are getting! I am so glad that they have been able to grow up together, its good for them!!

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