Monday, July 30, 2007

14 Months

Garrett turned 14 Months old on Saturday. He is so busy these days . . . he is around 23lbs, and who knows how tall, but he can reach the table now if he stretches. He likes to say uh-huh, duck, bubba, Hayee, cheese, dadda and occasionally momma. He loves to be outside and in the water, is running everywhere. Oh, and much to daddy's delight, the kid loves football. Our friends Cynthia and Amanda gave him a little Disney football that he plays with at home all the time, and when we went to the beach yesterday, he wanted all of the footballs the big boys had! (Daddy says Grandma, please find his football for Garrett!!!). Time is flying by! I just can't believe it is almost August!

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Hartley's said...

He out weighs Ainsleigh! She still weighs 21 lbs! Not a inch of growth for her. I think keeping up with sister and no bottle or breast has something to do with the slowed weight. She eats everything and lots of it! He looks great! I have an awesome place I take Thea for swim lessons, they start really early, email me if you want the info. Thanks for the comment!
- Sidney