Thursday, July 12, 2007

Toddler x2

Xander hasn't been around the house much in the past month--he went to PA to see his family, his Grandma was in town . . .in the midst of it, he turned one and started walking. Its TOO FUN to have twice the toddler antics around the house. Yesterday we went outside to play and the boys had a blast. Garrett had fun taking his favorite football (Thanks Cynthia and Amanda!!) in and out of his car's hood. He tried to put Xander's hat on his head when he took it off. When that didn't work, Garrett tried to put it on his own head.

Today we went to the park. Silly X fell asleep on the way there and slept through most of the fun. Garrett loves the swings, and also enjoyed playing in the sand with his Big Red Shovel.

There is never a dull moment with Garrett around, and its outright hilarious every minute of the day when they are both here--Xander climbed my stairs today, and stood in Garrett's red wagon (the one Nana and Pawpaw gave him for Christmas--which he LOVES to pull around the house now!!) . . .

Garrett is singing and dancing all the time. He continuously runs up and gives Aspen kisses, going bububububububu. He tries to do the same to Haylee, but SHE won't have it. We are back to going for walks together, at least Garrett and the dogs and I, while daddy is at work. Garrett likes to hold Aspen's leash and talk to him as we walk along. Basically, life just way too much fun right now, and I am so glad not to have to miss a minute of it!! :-D

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