Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watermelon Man

Garrett loves, loves, loves fresh fruit, especially watermelon, papaya and plums. In this picture (from sometime last week), he ate a LOT of watermelon--see the juice running down his face? Oh, and bananas of course. This morning we were eating watermelon and he brought me a banana :-)

He is getting more expressive about what he wants, whenever he wants something he points and goes "is" or "ease". . . we aren't sure if the "ese" is "please" or "cheese" since half the time he is asking for cottage cheese, shredded cheese, or cubed cheese. He loves bread too, will eat it by the loaf. He is picky though, it has to be fresh and just right--if Brad makes homemade bread and isn't pleased with the way it turned out, chances are Garrett won't be either.

He eats on the go alot, and eats pretty much all day long. He is such a good eater, though, I just can't complain! For whatever reason, he is suddenly preferring peas to his broccoli, not sure what is up with that.

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