Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time to join the 21st Century

Blogging seems to be the latest craze. . . and what better way to keep our family and friends updated on the goings-on of our utterly crazy household? Garrett's website doesn't have nearly enough room for all the pictures we have taken, and we can't match the stories with the pictures. Plus the question becomes "Where do we put all the pictures of the pups!" Goodness knows there are plenty of stories when you have a two-and-a-half month old baby, a four and a half year old Jack Russell, and a 2 year old weimaraner puppy (Aspen will probably be a puppy forever--can anyone say ROTTEN GREY DOG?). And thus the name of our blog . . . UTTER CHAOS. There is absolutely no better way to describe life in this family. So here we go, blogging our very first blog. But chaos is a wonderful thing. Life would be a big bore without it. So happy reading and hugs from all of us down here in South Florida! (The picture above is Garrett is his PJs at 2 months, one day. Mommy forgot to take a picture on his two month birthday!)

Garrett in his favorite Froggie towel. Given to him by Uncle Dick and Aunt Beth. Notice the protruding lip . . . he loves baths and is always very, very sad when they are over.

Garrett has been TRYING to roll over. So far, though, this is as far as he gets. He gets mad and starts to cry about it!
The older "children" caught in the act of beating up on each other!

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Centennial Home said...

Congratulations on your new blog site! We will enjoy visiting it often.
Aunt Shari and Stacia