Tuesday, August 15, 2006

HOW in the world does he do it??

My son routinely starts his evenings out with his feet pointed one direction in his crib, and in the middle of the night has managed to do a 180 and have his feet pointing in the opposite direction. And then sometimes he manages to return to his original position by morning. I would LOVE to know what the little poop dreams about! What a wiggle butt. He continues to sleep through the night . . . guess he gets that from Daddy!

Spent most of the day working or running errands . . . we were supposed to have agility this evening, but we got rained out :-( Haylee and I were so disappointed. Class is at a perfect time though--it starts at 8:30, so I will be able to put Garrett to bed before Haylee and I go so I won't miss too much. Yay! It is shocking me how fast my little man is growing up. He will be 3 months on the 28th. As for our "pictures of the day", check out the pics below . . . the first was at 3 days, the second was at two months. Garrett and I had a chat in the tub the other day--I asked him not to grow up. I don't think he's listening!

Hugs, puppy kisses and puppy drool from our house to yours!

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