Monday, August 14, 2006

Just another Monday

We had a pretty relaxing weekend at home. Caught up on some housework and spent some quality time together as a family. We TRIED to go boating, but it didn't happen . . . oh well, next weekend maybe! Garrett STILL hasn't been swimming in the ocean.

We did put Garrett's exercauser together. His little foots don't QUITE touch the ground yet, but he really enjoys being able to sit up in it and see the world. Daddy also pushes him around, which is quiet fun too. At any rate, he thinks he is a big boy.

Other than that, we finally finished painting the family room. The blue painters tape if FINALLY gone . . . I couldn't take it anymore!!

Garrett getting ready to head into work early Friday morning.

Daddy and Garrett (they look so much alike!)

Ohh, I like the red one!
(Garrett thinks the toybar is an excellent chew toy . . . Aspen is pretty interested in the teddybears for the same reason! :-D)

Okay, mom, really, ENOUGH with the camera already!!

Garrett on Sunday (his 11 week birthday, by the way!)
in one of the outfits Grandma Becky brought.

Till next time everyone!! Puppy kisses and baby drool!

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