Saturday, June 04, 2011

Preschool Graduation

I am so far behind on posting it isn't even remotely funny. Grandma Sherry came to visit last weekend for Garrett's 5th birthday. It just so happened that G's preschool decided to hold his graduation the Friday before his birthday, so she got to be here for that too! It made for a wild, crazy long holiday weekend.

Preparation for graduation festivities took up a lot of the last week of May. I somehow ended up in charge of teacher gifts for his class:

But I didn't mind at all because Garrett's teacher is the BEST and I love her dearly. Some fun little things from around the classroom:

G and I before Graduation
And with Grandma:

I had to bribe the posed pictures with the promise of silly face pictures, a fabulous idea from Jenn.

Garrett's best friend Xander was in Garrett's class this year, and as of right now they will be going to K in the same school too. This is probably the first of many graduations they will have together. It's just amazing to think that they have been buddies since they were infants :-)

I was so rapped up in making sure I got a picture with my little guy on his special day that I missed getting a picture of him with his Daddy. In fact, I failed in getting ANY pictures of daddy. Bad momma!

Getting his diploma. Or, rather, an empty role of paper :-)

The funniest part of the night was G's dancing skills--his teacher says he never would do the moves during practice, but he was OVER THE TOP during the show!

So proud of my big boy, but SO READY for school to be over for the Summer.

And, last but not least, Summer managed to charm a flower away from someone. She's such a cheese ball!!


Leanne said...

awe looks like so much fun!!! You look great by the way!

JenFen said...

I love their caps and sashes and it really does look like G rocked out on the songs. Glad my little trick helped you get some good pics. Congrats to the graduate!