Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Mayhem - A day late and about a month behind

I have NO idea where May went. It seems like just yesterday it was Easter, and WHAM, Garrett's 5th Birthday is in just a few days. May is almost over. 2011 is almost half over. Whoa.

A rundown of what's been going on around here
-I got a new phone and can finally text. New phone broke after two weeks and it took almost a week to get it replaced. Second phone is currently operating well, but I'm not so sure of the quality of the stupid thing.
-Brad crossed over to the dark side and got an IPhone for work. You must understand our doorway has never been darkened by something with an "I" in the name. We are PC people all the way. But now he has the silly thing glued to his nose 24/7. The other night I had the pleasure of being woken up by a freaking ESPN alert from the stupid thing (which Brad slept through of course).
-Kindle for mothers day. I'm hooked. Its both good and bad. Good because I always have something to read. Bad for the very same reason--why clean or work when I can read?? Its kind of silly because now we curl up in the hammock and read books on our gadgets. We really aren't gadget people.
-Things have been exceedingly busy at Garrett's school. We had a field trip, and I'm helping get teacher gifts together for graduation. I am going to miss Garrett's teacher terribly, she is such a wonderful spirit. His graduation is on FRIDAY, even though school doesn't end until the 2nd week in June. I am not one for pomp and circumstance, and at first thought PK graduation was stupid, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry like a little baby. It probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't the same freaking weekend he was turning 5. FIVE!!
-VPK end of year evaluation was today with his teacher. He did fantastic of course, and was declared ready for kindergarten. I'm a little worried about him being challenged (because he is doing so wonderfully now), but we'll see how it goes. Right now we have our eyes on the summer and the fun things we'll be doing.
-We rejoined the Y. Brad's meeting schedule (a whole other story-who knew politics would get so crazy in our little community??) has been psycho and it was making it impossible for me to get much done workout wise, which immediately makes me go absolutely batty. So now we run all the time, to school, to the Y, to the park, etc. etc. Crazy, but good!
-Garrett got into a decent charter school down here. NOT the one right down the street from us, which is still a sore point, but at least he got in somewhere. Having a hard time letting go of the dream of riding our bikes to school every day though.
-We had the best weekend EVER a few weekends ago. It wasn't anything huge, just lots of relaxing, family time, and hanging out with friends. The highlight was a tossup between girl time at the pool with the fantastic kindle and a relaxing bbq with our neighbors.
-Summer is nuts. Nothing new. She talks all the time, adores her brother, her doggies, and jumping. ("Look, mama, I'm a JUMPING BEAN!!") Her imagination is crazy. She still immediately starts freaking out if she doesn't get her way. Its a good thing she's so darn cute, it makes it a little easier to deal with the drama. Still not 100% potty trained though, which is driving me NUTS. So much for girls and 2nd children being easier. Oh, and she LOVES to color. She got a Hello Kitty coloring book for Easter and nearly every single page is COVERED in coloring.
-Garrett is a FISH. We have spent a lot of time at the pool, and I'm flabbergasted by how well he can swim this season. Under water, above water, across the pool. You name it. I plan to let him spend a week in swim camp and maybe do swim lessons so he can start learning the different strokes. Too bad the swim team at the Y doesn't start until they are 8.
-There was a bubble spillage incident that messed up the little camera. It works, but not as well as it should. This is part of the reason I am so far behind on downloading pictures. But mostly the reason is that we're so busy living and doing I just haven't had time to blog, or download pictures, or anything else.
-Garrett's trip to Grandma and Grandpa Compton's for a week in July is a sure thing. He is so excited, he just keeps asking why July has to be "So far away". Grandma will be here TOMORROW for a whole week, which excites us all. Although everyone should know when we were talking about this yesterday, Summer started listing her Grandmas ("Grandma Becky, Grandma Nana, Grandma Sherry?") The Grandma Nana was especially funny :-)
-Garrett and I started reading Harry Potter and are now on the 3rd book. He LOVES it. I was worried some parts would be too scary, but he just tells me "Mom, I KNOW its not real!" I have intentionally waited to read them until he was old enough, so its really fun to experience them together. His comprehension of the story line has amazed me. And it has been SOOO awesome to hear him beg for more. He's a lot like his daddy, but I'm glad he got my love for reading.
-They had a Cars 2 event at the Children's Museum this week. I didn't know about it until the day of, but we rearranged our schedule to load up and go. So glad we did, the kids had a blast. This is the ONLY new picture I have on my computer at the moment, so it will have to tide you all over until I have time to upload the new ones.
That's a rundown of what's been new. Sorry its been so long! Stay tuned for the I Can't Believe He's 5 post, because you know its coming.

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