Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Mayhem - Garrett's Birthday Weekend

Garrett had a busy weekend for his 5th birthday last weekend. In addition to Friday being his graduation from Pre-K, we also did cupcakes with his class. He was very specific about what he wanted--Transformer chocolate cupcakes with ice cream. Ummm, sure. I had no idea how to fill that order. But then I found a recipe for ice cream cupcakes online. They were actually super easy and turned out extra yummy!! I ordered cupcake rings and Transformers cupcake liners from Amazon and ta da, Transformers chocolate ice cream cupcakes. These cupcakes will definitely be on our list of sweet treats for the summer!

I love these kids and am going to miss them all next year.
Digging in.
Summer really wishes she were old enough for Ms. Denise's class.
Saturday was Garrett's actual birthday. We didn't plan anything big this year because Garrett asked for a trip to Disney and got it at the end of March. We gave him a stamp set and paints for his birthday, which he spent the morning playing with.

Of course Summer had to get a few new paint things too. She loves art in all forms!

Then it was time to open Grandma's goodies.

He'd been wanting Lego Hero Factory guys for a while, so this was super exciting. Lego Jr. Magazine = excellent marketing strategy for the lego folks!
At this point I got lazy about taking pictures. Garrett, Daddy and Grandma went to see Pirates while I stayed home to craft the cake. Chocolate truffle torte cake-yum!
Almost finished
Next we went to the dive shop to pick Garrett out some snorkel gear--his present from Grandma Becky!

In the evening we had a bbq with our "Florida family," the Esters, Shumans, and Largents. All the littles: Grace, Summer, Brady, Xander, Logan and G
So proud of this cake!
G and Grandma (and the cake!)
He loved the characters from the top of the cake
Awesome ear protection from the Largent clan. Perfect for Monster Jam, the track and more :-)

Best buds-Xander, G and Brady
And the day ended with fire works and GIANT sparklers, courtesy of Jess's dad.

More fun to come--I still have to write about Memorial day and the last day of Grandma's visit!

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JenFen said...

Wow, you outdid yourself mom. The cupcakes and cake both turned out really cute. I am impressed. Looks like G had a great birthday!