Friday, April 08, 2011

Fashion, art and chilling

Its been a week of HIGH FASHION here.

Summer's combo of mommy's socks and mis-matched crocs:

And Garrett's "It's COLD outside!" (it was mid 60s and breezy) outfit:

Not much to report this week, we've been rather lazy because we're all recouperating from our Disney trip. We found an animated Iron Man series on Netflix so we spend out afternoons watching a couple of those because they are actually decent and we're all enjoying them. Add in work, cooking, and homework and our days are pretty much full. Summer and I went to the park and library while Garrett was at school yesterday-our effort to conserve gas includes not coming home after dropping him off 1-2x a week.

Garrett has been building various flying contraptions with the legos.
And Summer has enjoyed laying around on the couch while we watch TV.
Here is a picture Garrett drew last week--the fire truck is driving on a road. I love it, so original. He's getting sooo big.

Our major item of the week has been school stress--we're on the waiting list at 2 of the 4 schools we applied for. The other 2 haven't done their lotteries yet. I've done well about not freaking out about the school situation until this week, but reached maximum overload this week. We actually started looking at private school, just in case nothing else works out. Joy. The theme of this week is politics and government and the entire "system" just blows. But wherever we end up is where we were meant to be. Or so I keep telling myself.

Weekend will be more of the same (work) plus a baby shower for my friend Leanne. Girl time! :-)

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Queenie said...

Girl time rocks!!! Even though I know what you guys are up to most of the time, I love coming here for your recaps. Just cements why I think you all are so fabulous. (no one but your kiddos could pull off such creative fashion) :o)