Saturday, February 05, 2011

Race Report - Homestead Hearts and Soles 5K

This year I promised myself some actual organized races to keep myself motivated. 2010 was marked by a TON of budget races, but no organized ones. Homestead holds its very own 5K every February, and this year Brad and I did it together. Two years ago, this was my first ever 5K. Its kind of fun to see how far I've come since then. Two years ago I finished in 36 minutes and was proud. This year I finished in 30:03 and was mildly annoyed with the time. I was really hoping for a personal best, and THAT was definitely not it. But oh well, exceedly fun all the same. And a huge improvement in my running from 2 years ago. Big thanks to our neighbor Julie for taking my kids at an early hour so Brad and I could enjoy doing this together.
Of course, when I say together, I use that term rather loosely. We started together. We left together. During the actual race, he smoked me. But after several years of running, I've accepted that he's just faster than me :-) Brad finished in 24 minutes. It drives me crazy how fast he is!! All in all, a fun and fabulous (if sweaty) way to spend some date time.

Next up on the race schedule is the Move It 2011 Budget 5K on 3/26!


JenFen said...

Great pic. What a fun thing to do as a couple, even if you didn't actually run together. That would be the same if Joe and I do any races together. He is just too fast. I am doing my first 5K next weekend and I am figuring if I can run the whole time I will be happy. I am sure my time will be similar to yours.

Congrats on all the improvement. Can't wait to run with you on the MoveIt 5K!

Janna said...

You're awesome!!!

30 minutes is a great time! The fastest I can do in my best shape is just under 12 minute miles, so roughly 35 minute 5k. I'm impressed with your time. As far as your husband beating you - yeah, we got that going on here too... on the bike, he is pulling two kids in a trailer and still way faster then me...sigh! :)

Lindsay said...

And look what a hottie you are!!!

Kara said...

That is so great that you two did that together!! Love the picture too!