Thursday, February 17, 2011

How odd

This is a strange feeling . . . we have family coming in tomorrow and I do not need to run around today like a chicken with my head cut off cleaning. Very weird. As previously mentioned, I am the WORST HOUSEKEEPER ever. I hate cleaning. I'd rather play with my kids. I'd rather run. I'd rather do almost ANYTHING than clean a bathroom. Its very bizarre to have less junk to worry about. After a month of using this Motivated Moms planner I've mentioned in several posts, the big clutter messes in my house are greatly reduced. Every now and then I find a project that needs tackling, but over all, its amazing how little big stuff needs to be done anymore. Its just nice. Less stress is always a good thing!

Enough on that. Boys are at the boat show today. So of course, there will be no pictures to share. Still can't believe Brad failed to take pictures of the monster trucks. Oh, wait, I take that back-Brad has sent me ONE picture from his phone from the boat show. Of the $919,000 boat he claims Garrett would like to bring home. Really not sure who the bigger dreamer is out of the two of them. No matter, I love them both anyway :-)

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Leanne said...

Do I have to say it again....volunteer hours!!! :)