Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching up . . .Zoo last Thursday

I have NO IDEA where this week has gone. I haven't gotten that much work done. My house is clean, I THINK my kids have had fun, but I really can't remember details of this week without a considerable amount of effort. I've spent a lot of time cleaning . . . I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. I'd rather play with my kids than clean. But as I mentioned a few posts back, I started this Motivated Moms thing that has helped me get my butt in gear in the cleaning department. So I GUESS that is where the week is gone. I know a lot of the week has passed with screaming, sitting on the ground tantrums on Summer's part. That certainly has contributed to my frazzled, exhausted state at this point.

Big weekend planned-making some sweet treats for Garrett's class on Monday for their Valentine's day party. Monster Jam for the boys (I am so very bummed not to be going). Hopefully a fun active date for Brad and I on Sunday morning. Since I'm terribly behind on posting pics, I am going to schedule some catch-up posts for the weekend . . .

These are from our trip to the zoo LAST Thursday. Thanks to Jennifer for taking the pictures, I forgot my camera. Its pretty fun to watch Summer's reaction to the animals now, she thinks they are all the coolest things ever. She looked at the huge python and said "Look, Mommy, Snake! I wanna hold it" The thing could EASILY have made a meal out of her, which made it pretty funny.
She likes doing dare-devilish things and demanding "LOOK! TAKE A PICTURE!" All of the bravery Garrett had at this age, and absolutely no sense of self-preservation. Oye.
Garrett with Abby and Gabby
And if THIS doesn't make me want to cry . . . I forget Garrett is only 4 sometimes, it feels like he is far bigger. We have some interesting conversations (example: One day this week we discussed, googled, and learned about the various things orcas eat. Completely random question on his part, and we both learned quite a bit).

Compare that to this one, from WAY back in Dec 2008.Feeding the giraffes was a hit, as always.

Garrett was obsessed with the baby one, for whatever reason.

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