Saturday, February 12, 2011

Multicultural Day at Garrett's School (1.31.11)

Garrett's school did a Multi-cultural day at the end of January. The kids had a ton of fun with it. Garrett's fabulous teacher let me help dig up materials and activities, which made me feel like I was contributing a little. It turned out great. Its fitting that Garrett's class did Australia. I have always been obsessed with that country since I was a little kid.
Garrett's is the 2nd one down, left hand side, under the word Australia
They got their cute little faces painted like aborigines . . .
and did aboriginal cave paintings . . .
and made boomerangs . . .
and made didgeridoos. It was pretty funny when Garrett came home and explained what they were to Brad--he didn't have a clue about what a didgeridoo was.

Yes, Garrett is the one with his pointing STRAIGHT in the air. He was also the loudest. By far. No surprise there.

And they said "Gooday, Mate" when their friends came to visit. They even made cute little passports that they got stamped.

Weekly lesson plan (fun to have to look back so we can remember what they were doing)

MLK day coloring (G's is 2nd row, 2nd from the right)

And last, but not least, Summer made herself right at home. She built a tower with the duplos and then said "Mommy, take a picture!" She's also saying CHEESE, of course. Clearly I take too many pictures.

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