Friday, January 21, 2011

Zoo Fun

We went to the zoo today and met up with friends Monica, Alora, and Corbin. Garrett and Corbin are good buddies, and we haven't seen each other since BEFORE our trip to St. John in September. Alora and Summer seem to be made of the same naughty-girl cloth, which made the excursion both refreshing (no, I am not the only one with a crazy little girl) and insane (where'd they go???)

This one pretty much sums up Summer's devil-may-care attitude. She is standing on top of an elephant. Insanity.

We went to the Members Only showing of the new "Scoop on Poop" exhibit. I found it to be crass. Picture videos of various animals pooping. Yeah. Really. And then there was this, which Garrett found hilarious:
But the outside part, which I assume was only for this one day, was pretty cool.

Identifying skulls (Garrett correctly guessed this one was a big cat).
There was a matching game involving containers of poop and pictures of animals. Although I did not watch this closely (chasing Summer down), Garrett must have done well because he got a little poster.

There was also a poop race--of course Garrett wanted to do that. You scooped poop and filled up your bucket. Garrett was the smallest AND slowest of course, but he took it very seriously and had a great time. Although at the end, he said "Pee-eww, I am never getting that close to poop again!" When I got home from my run this afternoon, we had a message that he won a $5 gift certificate to use at the zoo for his participation, which was nice.

Leaving the zoo resulted in a meltdown on Garrett's part, but at least he cried and threw a tantrum while walking back to the car. All in all, a decent day at the zoo. I was a little nervous about going, since Summer is such a handful and we haven't gone too many places since she was potty trained. I must say though, I am STRONGLY considering one of those little leash backpack things for her. I simply can't keep an eye on Garrett when she is around, because if I stop looking at her for one second, she will be off. AND she totally doesn't listen, which is not cool. Really, the word "brat" fits her well. Going to have to work on that.

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