Thursday, January 20, 2011

Camera = found

As suspected, it was in the soccer bag.

So, photo catch up.

First day of soccer:
(Thanks Carrie for the hand me downs, he wears them proudly to EVERY practice)
And Summer insisted on her own picture.
Warmups (crappy light!)

You can see how excited Summer is about it all--she really wishes she could play too :-)

And from today, making garbanzo bean and rapini pita pizzas-big hit.
Pardon the nakie girl. She's hard to keep clothed these days. 3 days on my own = tired of chasing her down and insisting she wear clothes.
Garrett got a black eye at school today. He says that one friend tripped over another and ran into him, he fell into another friend and hit his face. You can't see it very well, but he has quite a shiner. (And what a goofy face).
And last, but not least, Summer "swimming" in the bath tub. She loves the water.

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