Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No idea where the camera is

I haven't seen my camera since last Monday (The little one. Thankfully the SLR is tucked safely away upstairs, I just never think to grab it lately). It is PROBABLY still in the soccer bag I took to our first day of soccer, but I haven't actually gotten around to looking for it. Things have been insane, but fun around here. Rundown of the highlights:

-Garrett LOVES soccer. Its his favorite thing.
-Summer also loves soccer, and is endlessly annoyed that she can't play. She has fun kicking the ball and screwing up the boys' practice though.
-We've been hanging with the neighbor kids A TON. Garrett just can't get enough of them, and neither can Summer. We've had lots of play dates lately.
-I've run 35 miles since the 1st, and finally splurged and got professionally fitted for shoes. I also nailed down my race schedule for this year:
2/5 - Hearts and Soles 5K
3/26 - MOVE IT 2011 Budget 5K-who's gonna join me?
5/1 - Budget Half Marathon
5/15 - Tri Miami Sprint Triathlon
9/18 - Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy International
11/20 - Muddy Buddy South Florida.
12/18 - Yippee, I'm 30 Budget Race (10K?)
I should be able to do the Tris for free if I volunteer at other events. Brad is going to do the Muddy Buddy with me, although I don't know if we will be team-mates or if I'll team up with my friend Queenie and let her hubs and Brad eat our dust. LOL!
At any rate, Brad's been running more too. He's done 2 4 milers this week, which for him is a lot. He usually says if he wants to go more than 3, he'll take his car.

-Brad is traveling for work AGAIN. We miss him. 'Nough said.
-Garrett was off Monday and is off again on Friday. It rained ALL DAY on Monday.
-My boss is out of the country until the end of February. Last week was a scramble to get things done. I'm looking forward to less chaos over the next 6 weeks, but still have a ton of stuff on my to-do list.
-Summer = insane. She's just a mess. Jumping on the bed, throwing herself on the ground when she doesn't get her way. I hate the 2s. Good thing she is so darn cute, or else I would have duct taped her to the walls long ago.
-Garrett's teacher asked me to help find some stuff for their study of the continents. It was nice to contribute to his class, and his teacher is my FAVORITE person these days. She's just fabulous :-)
-We're applying for Kindergarten. I can't believe it. And Garrett CAN NOT WAIT!
-We started grinding whole grains to add to all of our baked goods. Everyone loves it, and I think health-wise it has so much to offer.
-NBC 6 was here last weekend to film a piece on Annie's Buying Club. It aired yesterday!
-Garrett is really starting to focus on sight words at school. Insanity. He's getting big. He really enjoys all of it. We've had some very good days lately, which is so nice!

That about sums it up. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we'll try to do better this week!

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Lindsay said...

I'm in for the budget 5K! I think it will be cool to do one in Spring, one in Fall for the challenge to see our improvement!

And, "Good thing she is so darn cute, or else I would have duct taped her to the walls long ago." Dude. Put "he" instead of "she," and you've got AJC. He's killing me.