Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goals for 2011

Personal goals for 2011:

-Blog more . . . since I don't keep a journal or scrap book, this is IT.
-Make a book of blog posts in case blogger ever decides to die, for the same reasons listed above
-Run 600 miles and do a total of 1000 miles total in multisport (bike/swim/run)
-200 hours of fitness
-Do at least 1 triathlon, 1 actual 5K, a budget 5K, a budget 10K and a budget 13.1 at some point throughout the year. I have seven events on my wish list right now (5 are tris), but we'll see how that goes.
-Read/Listen to 20 books . . . I really am loving getting back into reading again
-Go on a mommy-cation to see Allison, or have her come see me
-Take Garrett to Disney for his birthday
-Read my bible more. Planning on doing the Bible In 90 Days program, just not ready to add that in to my New Year until we get into the swing of things.
-Give myself 30 minutes of still, peaceful quiet once a week. As much as I love working out, that can not continue to be my only me time if I wish to stay sane.
-Unplug a bit more. I've spent entirely TOO much time on Facebook this year. Going to try to limit my internet time to quick email/FB checks in the AM and at lunch.
-Moonlight ride on Shark River Valley with hubs
-Daytime Shark River Valley ride with Garrett
-Take my kids camping
-See my Grandma if she makes it stateside this year.

So very grateful for for my family and fabulous friends. Hello 2011!!!

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Leanne said...

Great goals girly!!!!