Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

. . .better late than never. Its been a crazy couple of days since Sunday, Garrett has been sick and is Mr. Clingy man. No one can do anything for him but me, and he is insisting on sleeping with us. Its been raining like crazy here. I suppose its better to be rainy when you are sickies than to have a beautiful day and be stuck inside. We're hoping he'll feel better soon.

My two favorite guys ever. :-) Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

27 weeks (!!)

Garrett refusing to touch the belly OR take his hat off.
That's right folks, he wore the hat to church. (That hat was a part of a baby gift from my Uncle Saeid, and it is age 6-12 months!! It's not only the favorite hat, its the ONLY hat he wears.)

Pregnancy musings: I am going to be entering my third trimester at the end of the week. How did THAT happen so fast?? I don't see Laura until the end of the month, but then we go to seeing her every 2 weeks. We're in the home stretch, and I am nowhere near ready.

Crazy Garrett things: Today Garrett CLIMBED INTO THE CRIB. Not sure HOW he managed, but he did. Our poor baby is never going to be safe from his big brother. The other silly thing he did today was get the net for the fish tank out. When I caught him, he had gotten his stool, and was in the process of opening the aquarium. Who knows what he would have done if he caught them. Despite being sick and coughing like crazy, he continues to be a potty trained kiddo. He keeps falling asleep in our bed with undies on, and I have NIGHTMARES of dealing with an accident from that, but he's been so great. He hates getting a diaper on at night and for naps . . .I will probably drop the nap diaper soon, I just don't want to deal with the mess.

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MrsMoma said...

Just had to say you look great!! And so happy :)

Love his lil!!