Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Picture Dump from the Camera Phone

The only bad thing about the camera phone is that it is such a pain to download the pictures, I end up waiting way too long to do it. So pardon another bulk picture dump.

Going to the airport to pick up Grandma C for her visit last month:

Riding the, er "horsie" again. Poor Aspen, he is so abused by his brother!!

Napping in the shades Grandma C brought. I am happy to report they are still in one piece.

Random shot at the pool.

Funniest blue puppy picture yet . . . Garrett insisted I buckle him in when we were in the car.
Blue puppy is now the ultimate pretend play pal. He eats, goes to the potty, and takes "turns" with everything Garrett is doing. Garrett will actually narrate "Puppy's turn, Garrett's turn!" He is his best friend ever. We have 2 others that are identical, but newer, and if handed one of them, Garrett will say "New blue puppy (sad, confused tone). My puppy, where is it!??" So if the original should meet a bad fate, we are in big trouble!! Oh, and I almost forgot . . . Garrett reminds me that blue puppy needs a "bath" in the washing machine every few days now. That is because he insists on wiping his mouth with poor Blue Puppy's ears!!


Kelly said...

I love the blue puppy connection he has. You always wonder what your child is going to like. SO CUTE.

JenFen said...

I love all the stories and pics of G with blue puppy - that is so cute. The only thing Jake was ever that attached to was my boob (LOL) and Jadyn has a lovey for bed and she cares for her babies but just nothing as strong as the bond G has with blue puppy. It's really endearing.