Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imaginative Play

Garrett's imagination is definately in full swing these days. So far today, we have had the following fun imaginary things going on (keeping in mind it is 8:30am!)

-"Puppet's turn, throw ball"-the hand puppet needed to have a turn throwing the basketball.
-"Bear diaper!"-his bear "needed" to put a diaper on, to which I responded that I thought bear was potty trained. "Yes, potty trained!" Says Garrett. "Bear, pee pee." we took bear to the potty, he peed, and Garrett said "Good bear! Pee pee potty!" Garrett then proceeded to flush the toilet.
-While playing with his little people dinosaur . . . "Dinosaur, eat blanket. Eat it, eat it. Yummy!!"

-While this did not happen today, it was very funny and worth sharing. We were in the car and he was going through his night time routine with blue puppy, INCLUDING the part where we take blue puppy away if he doesn't stay in bed :-)

Who knows what the rest of the day will bring.

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-Bridget said...

Garrett is so imaginative and creative!