Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 Cs and the Zoo

3 Criders kids + 1 Compton kid = 4 Cs :-) We went to the zoo today . . . my neighbors went on a cruise to celebrate a major anniversary milestone, and their three youngest are in my charge for most of the day. They are a blast! I've never really been one to want a large family, but hanging out with this family (the kiddos and their parents) makes me want one sometimes.

Garrett passed out in the car on the way there (the only way I can get him to nap--he naps for Brad JUST FINE on the weekends), so he slept for a little while when we first arrived. We spent the entire afternoon and didn't get too far. I can't tell you how OBSERVANT these kids are. They have a really strong appreciation for everything they see, which just isn't common in "young 'uns" these days. It was fun to listen to their excitement over everything, from yet another typical lizard to some exotic bird in the aviary. Total picture overload ensues.

Small miracle--napping Garrett.
He has who knows what on his face (I think a combo of chicken nuggetts, a slim jim, and sherbert!!)

Claire, Randon (so serious) and Mark (who Garrett calls Marmar) feeding the birds

White Bengal Tiger. These guys are nocturnal, so it was cool to see one up, even for a little while. I LOVE my camera, this guy was far away, and the lens brought him almost close enough to touch!

Cute Cs on an elephant (G still napping!)

Garrett woke up and we went into the indoor reptile exhibit. Its the second time we've been there in April, and Garrett LOVES it. He proclaimed that the juvenille alligators were "awefome" (awesome, a Crider clan choice exclaimation) and kept getting excited about the "Snake, snake" whenever we saw one. Then it was off to the aviary, which is probably my favorite place at the zoo. It has a cool water exhibit at the beginning, and then a fabulous habitat with 300 rare asian birds walking around like you aren't there. They were feeding the birds while we were there, so the kids got to see them really close up. And spring was definately in the air, there were nests everywhere. I couldn't take as many pictures of the birds as I would have liked, since Garrett discovered he could dunk under the rope and get into the areas that were NOT meant for little almost-2-year-olds! Oh, and did I mention he tries to climb EVERYTHING!?? Anyway, back to the pictures.
Turtle! Garrett says excitedly.

I have a similar picture of this from Garrett's first trip to the zoo, about 11 months ago. Click here to view it and others, and marvel at the change! That's something I've been doing ALOT as his second birthday looms.

I love Garrett's expression in this one. It's pretty much how he lights up whenever he thinks he is going to get to spend some time with anyone from this family :-)


LauraC said...

I can't believe the comparison pics!

Hartley's said...

If anyone can have a big fam it's you, you are so easy going, I think you would manage very well. You are right about A's b-day, I changed the post. Silly me! Have fun with the extra's!

- Sidney

MrsMoma said...

Yall always look like you are having so much fun!! I'm jealous..again! haha

Leanne said...

I must say dear Angela...you def have those mother characteristics to be taking care of four children while being pregnant! Go mom! Oh and I cant believe how big that little boy is getting!