Friday, April 04, 2008

PT successes

Today was an awesome day for potty training. Garrett had zero accidents, despite an hour and a half long outing to get our ID card for the new clubhouse (opening Monday, woot!). I took his potty along, and when I got an affirmative that he needed to pee, we just went to the bathroom. He even did it with his shoes on and his pants around the ankles (seriously, this SOUNDS like nothing, but he always insists I take everything off!!) And he started trying to pull down his own undies. So major steps today!

The major *downside* today was me pushing him home in the stroller, on our RETURN trip from the clubhouse, with him screaming "SWIMMIN', SWIMMIN'" because he did not get to use the lovely pools at the clubhouse. If only a 2 year old could comprehend CLOSED. It was cloudy here, but cleared up in the late afternoon. we started to fill the pool, but SOMEONE insisted on spraying a fully clothed mommy with the water hose, which resulted in me taking the hose away from that someone. Temper tantrum ensued, tired mommy got annoyed, so we ended up back inside with major tears and throwing-myself-on-the-ground tantrum. Garrett, not me of course!

As I mentioned in my last post, this has been a nutty week for work. We spent all day out on Monday, and I worked while Garrett took his nap. We're busy prepping two posters for a national science meeting, plus a talk for next week. I've never been so glad for Friday to come, just because it means I might get 40 minutes to work without feeling like I am ignoring my poor kid or missing out on a nap. Thank GOD for the pool though, I have been able to get so much done while Garrett plays in that thing! We put a tie-out for the dogs in the backyard, so they can also enjoy the time outside without me having to worry about where they are all the time. They both love it--Aspen prefers the shade, and Haylee loves laying in the sun.

Garrett has officially started playing with his food. He was "driving" his bread across the table at dinner tonight, and spinning his portion of tomato on his finger. So we have to start the whole "take a bite or lose it" routine. He's already learning to keep his food in the kitchen, because I am so DONE with trying to clean juice and various other substances off my carpet. Thank goodness for the Dyson and my steam cleaner! That steam cleaner removed 2 day old OJ from my carpet last week . . . a fantastic thing!

Anyhoo, that's all for now. For all the family I haven't called back this week--I'm sorry. It's just been too crazy for words!!


Anonymous said...

Yay Garrett!! That's awesome - maybe he'll be out of diapers by the time the new bean is born. And you have to love those tantrums!!

Hartley's said...

Gotta love the two year tantrums! Sometimes I have to hide my smile, they are just so darn cute. Hopefully he won't give you much trouble when he turns three. Yeah for the potty!

-Bridget said...

Woo hoo for the potty training success!

I may need to get a Dyson steam cleaner. I have worse than two day oj stains on my carpet.