Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Busy Day.

Everglades and the mall today. The kids had a blast. Turtles and gators make Garrett and the Crider clan very happy :-) Garrett would go "OHHH Turtle, see him!" whenever he would see a turtle, and a similar variation with "'Gader" for the alligators.

When we came across the third one (yes, he is partially across the walkway!), though, he felt the need to say " 'saur, roar!!" . . . He thought it was a dinosaur rather than an alligator, probably because he could have reached out and touched him.

At the mall, I got some adorable tanks at Lane Bryant (love shopping there because their clothes are long enough to cover the ever increasing belly, and I just buy a size larger than what I need. The quality is much better than Motherhood Maternity). I took the kids on the carousel and kicked myself for not bringing the camera in, then after the fact remembered I have a CAMERA PHONE. Grrr. Next time. Garrett was so excited to be on the "Horsie!," he was excited as soon as we saw it. Part of the reason he even got to ride on it was because after his excitement, he was willing to walk by and go play at the playground. Big improvement in the understanding department!

Spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning. I'm waiting for a software key from work, so I'll do a bunch this weekend once I have it before we go. Not totally slacking off, just can't do much until I get the software key!


Anonymous said...

You so make me wish we lived in Florida!!! Ahhh, maybe someday...

-Bridget said...

ITA with the Lane Bryant. When I was pregnant with Bailey I never wore a single pregnancy top I found plenty of regular shirt with an empire waist or loose belly that I didn't need to.