Monday, March 31, 2008

The things he says!

Today in the car, Garrett kept saying "bichy" . . . I am sitting there thinking, OKAY, WHEN did I say b*tchy for him to hear so he could repeat it! He kept saying it, and I finally figured out it is BITSY as in the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So I asked him if he wanted "Itsy Bitsy" and he said YEAH, like come on mom of COURSE that is what I want. I utter a sigh of relief because I have not yet taught my son a bad word. Go me! :-)

He says so much now, and is just fun. At night he will ask Brad or I to "sit" with him in his bed and read, and will hug you and repeat SIT when you try to leave. He's such a love, he loves to give hugs and kisses. He always says "Hayee, Dood Dirl!" (That means Haylee, Good Girl) as he is chasing her around the house and she is running for her life :-)

We went to the zoo this after noon for a little while, and he spent almost an hour in the reptile exhibit, talking about/to the snakes and lizards. I would tell him where to find the well camouflaged ones, and he would repeat their location and then say "See him!" He was obsessed with getting to the snakes though, probably because our neighbors have one and he has touched him. Can't beat hands on experience.

My biggest challenge at the zoo, however, was keeping Garrett OUT OF THE DUCK POND. That kid is majorly attracted to all water at this time. I wish our pool would open.

Pardon the drifting nature of this post--its late and I should crash. More pictures soon!


Leanne said...

That is so cute! Thanks for the sweet comment you left about Ava...we are glad she is home too! After my mom leaves i think we can do the rounds or have people come to us:) Hope all is well with the family and that little one to be!

MrsMoma said...

Aw! i love this stage right now too! They are brilliant! LOL, "bitsy" is hilarious!!