Monday, March 17, 2008

No new pictures . . .

But I had to post and say my kid is so much fun right now. He is talking SO much. Whenever we read or do flash cards, he repeats everything I say. He has this new DT book and LOVES repeating everything. "Dozer" "Forkwift" "Lights!". He'll bring it to me, crying "Dozer, dozer".

He can identify a ton of stuff now--different animals, trains, cars, trucks, lizards, birds. Its just amazing. I look at where he was a year ago, and the transformation is insane.

You really must see his bed. If he has a book or toy or stuffed animal he is fond of, he takes it to bed with him, and there it stays. We have his new toddler bed ready to be set up, and I honostly wonder if it will HOLD all of the stuff he sleeps with. His sleep routine is EXCELLENT right now. Naps aren't usually too much of a battle, and once we get him in his PJs, he'll get into bed after his books and just go to sleep. We have actually started leaving the gate open at night so he can get out when he wakes up and come to our room--he doesn't even get out of bed when we leave the room anymore. We'll see how he adjusts to changing rooms here in a few weeks. I have it almost cleaned out. Brad just has to find the time to start painting!

He loves to play with his friends. He'll just follow my fabulous neighbor kids around and do whatever they are doing. It is fun to have a big family right next door, and to feel like a part of it.

Garrett's other favorite thing right now is "people". He loves to say "People! Outside!" when he spots people. Or he'll ask for his little people for his car. He's just silly and fun. He'll ask about the baby, and point to my tummy (which is getting rounder!). He loves the dogs more now than ever. He will just walk up and pat Aspen. And occasionally he will walk up and jump on him. They are one of the first things he asks about in the morning.

So that's really all that's going on here. I'm back to feeling semi-human again, although insomnia has been a problem the past few nights. As evidenced by my 3am blog entry. Garrett is making fewer boogers, and isn't sleeping all day like he was there for a few days. Brad is just busy, like always, doing all those things daddys do. It's time of college hoops to get serious, after all!

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