Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Quick Catchup

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately . . . believe me when I say it has been an insane month, and that this pregnancy is kicking my butt.

Things that happened in February:
1. I started having Xander and Logan over again, and more than normal due to their dad's training schedule at a new job. It has been IMPOSSIBLE on top of how tired and sick I have been feeling. Thankfully, this week is their last week here, they start daycare next week. Sad about it too, but it will offer their parents more flexibility. Garrett adores having both of them here though. He LOVES "Bebe Logie" and will be very sad when they don't come over anymore.

2. Potty training! Garrett got serious about sitting on the potty. That fell by the wayside with number 4 . . .

3. Brad's car broke. Again. So he has my Yukon, and I have no car. Sort of an okay thing due to #1 and #2, but I get so sick of not being able to do ANYTHING.

4. Brad's Grandparents came for a visit. Garrett loved having "Nana and Papa". Then poor Papa fell and got a hairline pelvic fracture, extending and totally changing the tone of their trip. the good thing was they got to spend a lot more time with Garrett. You have to know Dave to understand he can't stand sitting still for long, so recovery is extra hard for him. They made it home safe and sound . . . and only slightly worse for the wear.

So, that's February in review, very briefly. I am very sick right now, my midwife thinks the flu. I can hardly function. We are going to Atlanta this weekend for a DT thing, and my dad is coming two weeks from today. Busy, busy! I have a few pictures from the past month, will try to post them soon. I am 13 weeks on Friday, and ready to get out of my first trimester!!


Leanne said...

awe hun im sorry:( I hope you feel better soon. I will def call...i need the name of your pediatrician.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! Call me if you ever want/need to talk.

MrsMoma said...

Aw i hope you feel better soon. I'm right there w/ ya, it stinks! Glad to hear Garrett has been having fun!