Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a pretty laid back Easter. We had gone to Key West the night before, and got stuck for three hours due to an accident on US1. So we didn't even get home until Midnight. I got up for Sunrise Service and left my boys to sleep in, along with Grandpa, Jay and Nana 'Dina. We got home and dyed eggs, and did a little mini-egg hunt of our own.

Garrett had TOO MUCH fun dying eggs, it was quiet fun. He kept asking for "more". He wanted to dunk them himself. Adina gave him this great basket with chalk eggs and some adorable puppets that he loves.

Total picture overload below. Enjoy--maybe it makes up for not posting much in the past few weeks!! I seriously couldn't narrow down the picture selection any more than this, there were too many funny faces. And don't mind Garrett's "Sunday best"--we didn't even bother to get him out of his PJs, just took his shirt off! (I see all these pictures of kids in their easter outfits and can't help but laugh . . . if we aren't at church, we're lucky if Garrett has on a shirt and a pair of pants at all!!)

"Pretty"--like my bracelet?

If you blow on the eggs, they will dry faster!!

The egg dipper thing has been a big hit since Sunday!

I don't even KNOW what this face is :-)

Garrett says "Cheese!"

My two favorite boys in the world. I'd be lost without either of them.

With our CARS easter basket!

First egg hunt (it was raining, but Garrett didn't mind!)

He opened the egg, found the chocolate, and was trying to eat it with the wrapper on!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. As fowl as the weather was here over the weekend, the clouds parted for a beautiful sunrise for our church's sunrise service.

Garrett is 22 months tomorrow. I can't believe he will be 2 in just two short months. It seems like just yesterday I was thinking he would never GET HERE :-) Other than that, we're just recovering from a crazy few months of company and being sick. At least we have a few weeks of normalcy . . . in mid-April, my neighbors go away for a week and I will be helping keep an eye on their kids, then Brad and I are off to Costa Rica for one last hurrah before we add another kid to this family!

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