Sunday, December 02, 2007

A week from now . . .

Brad and I will be sitting in St. John, getting back to the business of simply being together. Its been a really, really insane year, with my Discovery Toys business, his job, my job, the dogs, Garrett, the house, and so on. With Brad's Coast Guard Auxilliary schedule, we have seen each other maybe once a week for more than an hour or two at a time. So a getaway is much needed. I am not looking forward to leaving my baby (ah hem, big boy) for a week, but I am at the same time looking forward to those small joys you take for granted before you become a parent, including (but not limited to):
-Not lugging a diaper bag everywhere
-Actually sleeping in
-Doing what I want to do on a plane!
-Having a peaceful meal, without spilled drinks, slung food, or all those other fun aspects of dinner time with a a toddler.
-Being able to actually LAY on the beach, and possibly even (gasp) take a nap.

The closest I have gotten to true personal time in the past year and a half is sitting in front of the computer or fluorometer at work running samples. Sad when that is my "time off".

Thank goodness for my inlaws. I am not at all worried about leaving my kid (or the dogs, fish, and turtles) in their capable hands. I really am not at all stressed about leaving Garrett. I am a tiny bit nervous about when we come home, that he will flip out when I have to leave him to go to work, and that he will be so clingy I won't be able to get any work done from home. But I am not at all concerned about leaving him with Sherry and Lynn. I know he will take comfort in having his puppies around for hugs and kisses, and for being in his own home. So I am super duper glad they are coming to us.

I ordered my Christmas Cards, and they have been printed. Now just waiting for them to come . . . It's been tempting to post the Christmas picture, because it is so cute, but alas, I just have to make you all wait to get your Christmas cards! I am still so proud of myself for getting everyone to pose together!

Not much else to report. Brad and I went to a one-person murder mystery at the local book store (, which was nice. My awesome neighbor Garnet and her son came over to play with Garrett so we could go. It was a nice, if super short, break for us. But nothing at all like the break we have coming!! I will try to post a few more pictures before we go!

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